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Issue: May 2022, News for the Journey Home
Carol Pearson

Partners4Housing is growing! Jamie Martin recently joined us as our Solutions Coordinator. She’s taken on the important role of working directly with families as they move along their journey toward a resilient housing solution for their Loved Ones.

Jamie comes to us from a career in Public Health. A quality improvement specialist for 10 years, her direct program experience includes Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Early Intervention, and Meeting Milestones. She has also worked as a marketing and branding coordinator, and a performance management specialist. Most recently Jamie worked for Public Consulting Group’s Human Services, helping state, county, and municipal human services agencies achieve their performance goals to better serve populations in need. As a senior developer there, she worked on the Social Security Disability Advocacy project.

I caught up with this busy mom of four busy kids to ask how her experience will help elevate the experience for the families and agencies we work with.

Q: How does your background fit in with the work you'll be doing on the P4H team?

A: One of my first jobs in college was as a camp counselor for young people with disabilities in Anchorage, Alaska. It truly was the highlight of my day to embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of all our campers! I also volunteer at Opportunities Unlimited, helping adults with disabilities strengthen their job skills. My personal experience, plus my professional background working in the Social Security space, seem like a perfect match for this role.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

A: P4H is such a needed service for families; I know first-hand there is an overwhelming amount of information out there, and so many unused or under-utilized resources. I look forward to working with families to help them navigate all the silos with more confidence and less stress, working together to identify and secure the right benefits and services.

Q: Why do you think Partners4Housing is a good fit?

As I dive into learning my new role, I’m impressed by the process Pam has put in place to help families create well-defined housing solutions. She’s built a passionate and talented team, and it’s exciting to see the company’s reach extending. I’m still learning and absorbing everything I can, but I can already see that my love of thinking outside the box will be an asset to the team and the families I work with. There’s no doubt my Type A personality is intrigued by a good challenge, and I love going that extra mile to find the right resolution!

Please help us welcome Jamie to the team. She has already made an impact at Partners4Housing, and we look forward to being able to serve even more families thanks to her experience and talents.

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