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Darla Helt, executive Director of PEACE NW, is on a mission: To improve access to appropriate independent housing for adults with I/DD and help them realize the life they want.
In our last issue of The Journey, Pam Blanton offered her insights into piecing together the benefits puzzle. She mentioned the website www.AffordableHousingOnline.com as a great free resource for families looking to secure a Section 8 voucher. In this issue, we're following up with some inside tips to help you explore the Affordable Housing Online website and get your Loved One’s name on that all-important Section 8 waitlist.
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2023 is off to a vibrant start here at Partners4Housing, with free Residential Assessments available to thousands of WA families … thanks to a generous grant from the Dan Thompson Memorial Fund.
Some area families and their Loved Ones were the shining stars recently as we shot footage and interviewed them for a very special video project. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes peek at the process!
Young man with dark hair is smiling and wearing a Seattle Mariners jersey.
We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to a generous grant from the Dan Thompson Memorial fund, we can now provide free Residential Assessments to 6,688 families in Washington State.
AffordableHousingOnline.com has become an important tool to help families of adults with I/DD find affordable housing options.
Partners4Housing is growing! Jamie Martin recently joined us as our Solutions Coordinator. She’s taken on the important role of working directly with families as they move along their journey toward a resilient housing solution for their Loved Ones.
Help us welcome the newest member on our team here at Partners4Housing, as we continue to expand to serve more families and their Loved Ones.
Help us welcome the newest member on our team here at Partners4Housing, as we expand to serve more families in WA State and beyond.
A new housing model for neurodiverse adults addresses the critical shortage of appropriate housing and skyrocketing rents in Seattle ... while it creates a whole new kind of community. Learn how Thrive Seattle is creating beautiful spaces to meet this need.
Creating a Shared Living home for your Loved One can feel like a jigsaw puzzle with a thousand tiny parts, and no box top to show you the big picture … especially when it comes to finances. When I talk to families about what makes their situation unique, often the discussion revolves around affordability. Understanding your Loved One’s potential benefits is crucial, so you don’t inadvertently leave possible financial help on the table.
The journey toward home for your Loved One is challenging. Navigating the social service silos, finding suitable housing, choosing roommates and parent partners, hiring the right caregivers – it can be daunting. That’s why we offer these free webinars, to help you begin to make sense of it all.
The journey toward home for your Loved One is challenging. Navigating the social service silos, finding suitable housing, choosing roommates and parent partners, hiring the right caregivers – it can be daunting. That’s why we offer these free webinars, to help you begin to make sense of it all.
The journey toward home for your Loved One is challenging. Navigating the social service silos, finding suitable housing, choosing roommates and parent partners, hiring the right caregivers – it can be daunting. That’s why we offer these free webinars, to help you begin to make sense of it all.
“How long does it really take to create a housing solution for my Loved One?” That is a huge question for most of the families we work with. So we break it down, with a practical timeline that helps families see how all the moving parts eventually come together.
“I see these gaps over and over, after almost 15 years in this field, and I’m not seeing any new solutions, so let’s try to figure this out.” This was the inspiration that led Allison Kleinman to launch her own company. Learn how her company helps adults with disabilities imagine a new kind of person-centered life, serving the New York and Tri-State Area.
When you’re ready to start thinking about independent housing for your Loved One, we’re here for you. Sign up for our free family webinar to learn about your options, and how we might be able to help. There’s no obligation, no pushy sales pitch, just a welcoming place to connect and learn.
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An Arizona mom talks about her son’s recent move into a one-of-a-kind residential community for adults with disabilities in North Phoenix.
Sometimes a faith community is found in the most unlikely places. Kristin Jarvis Adams, author of The Chicken Who Saved Us: The Remarkable Story of Andrew and Frightful, shares a powerful story about her son's journey toward faith.
My son’s superpower is his ability to become an expert on any subject he takes a special interest in. After performing his first cooking demonstration in the first grade, he dreamed of becoming a chef. Now 25 years old, Andrew—a young man with autism—works part-time as a prep chef in a commercial catering kitchen. And makes some absolutely killer fried chicken for friends and family.
The process to create a shared living solution for your adult Loved One with I/DD comes with some good-sized challenges. One of the first hurdles to clear is securing that all-important Section 8 voucher. While there’s nothing too complicated about the process, it can take a long time and it can feel like you’re stuck in limbo instead of moving ahead.
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In this first installment of our two-part series on The Little Things, Pam shares her thoughts on the idea of choice … one of the critical elements that, in her experience, make community-based living so fulfilling.
Partners4Housing is growing, and we are looking for the right people to join us. We are tireless advocates for individuals with IDD and their families and seek compassionate professionals to join our team. The work is challenging … and so very rewarding!
Understanding Medicaid waiver assessment in your state -- some great advice from a mom who's been there. We recently talked with Sheree Maxwell, mom to Conor, who graciously shared her experience with their recent state assessment.
young man with IDD and his caregiver
For 86 years, one organization has been driving change in King County, Washington, by working toward one simple mantra: “Work with us, not on us.”
Cooking and sharing food is a true joy, one of the absolute blessings of being human. When we can make meal planning, preparation, and eating a shared experience, we create something much greater than a good meal.
We know sharing food with others is an effective way to build relationships and foster a sense of community...it seems the creative act of cooking or baking itself can be a powerful mood booster. And new scientific studies show it might actually help ease mental health challenges in some people.
When speaking with mixed media artist Brette Flora, one thing becomes abundantly clear: She has a firm understanding of what art means to her, and why it’s so important in her life. You'll fall in love with her artwork, and her outlook on life and creativity.
Background: A textured gray wall, and a low-back sofa with Robin's Egg blue slipcover behind subject. Foreground: A stack of books slightly to the left of the subject.  Subject: A smiling woman with tan skin and long, dark hair is sitting on a brown moving box holding a white coffee mug. She is wearing tan, laced work boots, warm grey pants, and a loose, cream-colored, long-sleeved, button-down shirt.
It’s finally happening …You’re ready to move into your own home after months or maybe even years of planning. Having worked with many autistic young adults and their families over the years, I’m happy to share my ideas for making this important transition a smooth one.
Academic settings can be a turbulent environment for autistic learners, especially collegiate settings. Shea Belsky shares his experiences at Cornell University and provides some solid advice both for students, and the college staff who support them.
“Can you imagine life without a friend? I can, because Best Buddies was not available in Indiana when I was in school. I had a supportive family but I missed having someone in school to say ‘hi’ to in the halls, to sit with at lunch, to talk to about my day, and to make plans with for social activities.”
This season, shop with a purpose. Shop at disability-owned businesses. Our first ever holiday gift guide features some funny, beautiful, and delicious gifts that are sure to add something extra special to your gift giving this year.
At my first parent-teacher conference of my son’s third-grade year, the special education teacher shuffled papers around her desk for thirty seconds too long. Nervous sweat pricked at my skin, and I feared nothing but more problems. What happened next changed everything.
The ancient practice of yoga has long been known to help people relax, loosen up, and become stronger and more flexible. Yet until recently, there hasn’t been a lot of research around yoga and its benefits for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities often make magnificent and passionate volunteers, sharing their skills, time, and talents in their communities.
According to Jenny Rosenstrach, author of the cookbook How to Celebrate Everything: Recipes and Rituals for Birthdays, Holidays, Family Dinners, and Every Day in Between, our moments of celebration are more than just good memories; they can turn into rituals that help us bond as family units.
Enjoy this feel-good story of friendship and redemption between two unlikely characters, both ostracized and experiencing marginalized lives for very different reasons. Poignant and heartwarming, the film has a gritty, edgy feel to it and a standout performance by neurodivergent actor Leo Long.
Rows of tea light candles as seen from the side in a dimly-lit room.
“His joy taught me to let down my guard and consider there was something sacred going on here. Victor taught me to find appreciation in a religious tradition that wasn’t mine, that I had in fact been taught to consider theologically suspicious. I grew to appreciate religious diversity because of Vic.”
wooden crate full of vegetables and fruits, held by a person wearing a red plaid shirt, carharrt pants, and a black vest
With few exceptions, searching for work is stressful and challenging. For jobseekers on the autism spectrum, the process can be beyond overwhelming. Understanding this, the Organization for Autism Research created Hire Autism, a new kind of job board for a neurodiverse workplace.
The reviews are pouring in for As We See It, an Amazon Original series about three twenty-something roommates on the autism spectrum that launched this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, be prepared to binge all eight episodes of Season 1. And bring the Kleenex.
Looking for your next binge-worthy TV show? Add “Love on the Spectrum” to your list. Follow six extraordinary people on their quest to find true love and partnership while navigating life on the autism spectrum. This poignant view into navigating the tumultuous dating game is nothing short of uplifting and inspiring.
The ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York is known for its wide-ranging film selections promoting awareness of people with disabilities. Two of the remarkable movies that were screened this past summer included CODA and Not Going Quietly. Now you can watch them at home.
We all have the right to make our own choices. When we have the ability to choose for ourselves, we learn, grow, and improve the quality of our lives. That is what dignity of choice means. SafeinHome's mission is to empower people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes and participate in their communities, with sensor and assistive technology 24/7 remote support.
“I'm in seventh grade and reading this book really changed my perspective about everyone.” With its 10th birthday in the rear-view mirror – fitting since Wonder’s main character is a boy of the same age – Wonder is enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks in large part to the IDD community.
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