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Issue: Fall 2022, News for the Journey Home

We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to a generous grant from the Developmental Disabilities Council’s Dan Thompson Memorial Fund, we can now provide free Residential Assessments to 6,688 families in Washington State.

Completing a Residential Assessment (RA) will help these families explore housing possibilities and make a resilient plan for the future for their Loved Ones with IDD. The RA starts with an online questionnaire, where families and their Loved Ones clarify their housing vision and articulate what will define "home." This person-centered approach helps them understand how to access all the benefits their Loved One is eligible for, including that all-important Section 8 housing subsidy. These are all critical pieces of the puzzle for a resilient housing solution.

two young men in wheelchair are smiling while an older woman in glasses stands behind the man on the right, also smiling. Text on screen is on two lines, the top row in white and bottom row in green, and it reads: Taking the first step: The Residential Assessment

(Click here to watch!)

Eligible families will also have free access to our Roommate Matching Pool, to help them connect with other families and find compatible roommates for their Loved Ones.

To distribute these free RAs, we are partnering with several nonprofits to help us reach as many families as possible in WA state, including:

  • Arc of Washington
  • Arc of Whatcom County
  • Arc of Snohomish County
  • Arc of King County
  • PC2 (Pierce County Coalition for Developmental Disabilities)

We are so excited and honored to launch this project and help so many families, both now and in the future.

Get started today! If you have a Loved One with IDD who is 18 or older and lives in Washington State claim your free Residential Assessment now!

If you aren't a resident of Washington State, learn more about our Residential Assessment.

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