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Issue: Summer 2022, Living, Inspired with IDD
people with IDD using technology, living independently and enjoy being together
Clare Husbands
SafeInHome Sr. Marketing Manager

A note from Partners4Housing: At P4H we help families learn about new technology that might enable their Loved Ones to live a more independent life. We recently spoke with the team at SafeInHome about their assistive technology and how it might fit into an independent living solution. While we don't endorse any products as the right solutions for everyone, we encourage you to explore this possible option to see if it might meet your Loved One's needs.

We all have the right to make our own choices, even when others don't agree with them. When we can choose for ourselves, we learn, grow, and improve the quality of our lives. That is what dignity of choice means.

Whether by choosing what we want to wear, where we want to live, how we live, or what we need to reach our goals, every choice helps us know ourselves better. These are choices we all get to make.

At SafeInHome, our mission is to empower people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes and participate in their communities. We enable independent living with sensor and assistive technology and a remote staff that’s available 24/7. We make daily living safer while supporting the dignity of choice.

How SafeinHome’s service works

When someone requests our service, we listen to what is important to them and important for them. Together, we design a support plan based on their desires, goals, and risks. We also integrate our support plan with any care plan that’s already in place.

An individual approach to support

We approach every person with respect. Everyone we serve has the power to decide what is right for them: the type of support they need, which devices are installed in their home, and even their check-in times.

We are never bossy or authoritative. We encourage decision-making to build self-determination (the power to make one’s own choices) and a strong set of necessary skills for everyday life.

Our Remote Support Staff is trained in behavioral health techniques such as trauma-informed care, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and state-required guidelines. They are available 24/7 at the touch of a button!

Our remote service means that staff are always there when needed, and not intrusive when they are not needed. We value the privacy and space of each individual we serve.

Meet Sally

Sally wants to prepare meals more often.

Sometimes, Sally forgets to turn the oven off. To help her reach her goals, we installed a stove sensor in her home and organized a friendly remote check-in from a Remote Staff Team member. With those worries out of the way, Sally can do what she loves — cooking more!

Meet Eugene

Eugene loves to go birdwatching in the park.

He wants to go by himself but needs to be back by 7 pm to take his medication. SafeinHome helps Eugene visit the local park and be home in time by providing a GeoComm to take with him (this device used to be called an mPers). A Remote Staff Member connects with him on his walk, talks to him about what birds he saw, and reminds him to head back in time to take his medication.

If he gets lost, the Remote Staff Member can provide step-by-step instructions and stay connected with Eugene the whole way home if needed.

A full suite of support solutions

At SafeinHome, we understand that living independently means something different to everyone, and our technology adapts to provide the quality support needed to help meet each individual’s goals.

SafeinHome is truly flexible: We can work as a stand-alone service or as an extra help to existing support services. We can take those shifts that might otherwise be hard to fill, like overnights or evenings. The shortage of Direct Support Professionals is not going to end anytime soon; SafeinHome can help fill that need. We’re determined to get people the support they need.

SafeinHome tailors solutions to the needs and desires of each individual. Services might include medication reminders, kitchen safety, help with community activities, visitor safety, seizure monitoring, direction assistance, GPS tracking, and more.

Whether you are a person with a disability, a family member, a case manager, or a third-party caregiver, we want to be a part of your network, connecting with everyone involved. SafeinHome Remote Support is here for you, providing peace of mind to caregivers and the people who need some extra care alike.

Getting started with SafeinHome

We invite you to learn more about us. We are more than happy to answer any questions. Connect with us, call us at 1.855.476.6555 or talk to your case manager about our service.

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