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Issue: September 2023, News for the Journey Home
Sep 01, 2023
Pam Blanton
Partners4Housing CEO

While every situation is unique, here’s what to expect the first time you meet online with your Solutions Coordinator.

The self-advocates and families we consult with often ask, “How should I prepare for my Benefits and Housing Review consult?” and “What will be covered in our first Zoom meeting?” 

We know that everyone’s needs and situations are unique. Some are just beginning to explore housing options, while others are well along the path. We always aim to meet you where you are on your journey, so we keep our consultation flexible enough to be sure we cover your concerns and questions. This is a person-centered process, and the consultation reflects that. 

That said, our Zoom consultation will generally cover information in these six buckets: 

  1. Housing options – We’ll talk about the three primary types of living situations for adults with IDD in Washington State: Adult Family Homes, Supported Living, and Shared Living. We’ll explore the differences between each type, eligibility, caregiving, services, and what benefits can apply in each situation. 
  2. Social Security benefits – You’ll learn what they include, how to apply, how to maximize SSI for yourself if you are a self-advocate or a family member of a Loved One with IDD, and how these important benefits pertain to housing. 
  3. DSHS Services – Your state’s Department of Social and Health Services offers a range of additional benefits. We’ll help you understand them and decide which ones might apply to your needs.  
  4. Section 8 – For most of the people we work with, a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher is the key to making independent housing affordable. We’ll help you understand what Section 8 is, how it’s administered, and how it can (and can’t) be used. We’ll also give you guidance on how to apply to lists across the nation and explain the concept of “reasonable accommodations.”  
  5. Food benefits / SNAP – You’ll learn who is eligible for food benefits, how the program works, and how to apply.  
  6. The Roommate Matching Pool – We’ll discuss our roommate pool and how it works, what makes a family or individual eligible, and how to use it to find compatible roommates and partnering families to create a successful Shared Living Solution. 

The main purpose of this meeting is to help you explore what’s available and articulate the vision you have for your own, or your Loved One’s, future. From there, we help break it down into achievable steps and provide you with a list of what to do next to move forward. 

To prepare, all you have to do is complete the Benefits and Housing Review online. We’ll make sure we address your questions during the meeting.  

By the end of your consultation with us, you’ll have a clearer idea of housing options, what benefits might be available, and how to access those benefits. Our goal is to leave you feeling hopeful for the future! 

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