Welcome to The Journey
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Volume 1 / Issue 3, Spring 2022
Welcome to The Journey - Spring 2022

Sometimes the best inspiration comes in story form -- from families, from people working in the field of housing for adults with I/DD, and from the experts who guide us along the way. Welcome to The Journey.

In this issue ...

We'll continue to sort out the benefits puzzle, and share a mom's advice for going through your state Medicaid voucher assessment. We'll introduce you to Jamie Martin, our new Solutions Coordinator, and you'll get to know an artist who is making a name for herself in the local arts community. You'll learn about Best Buddies International, read a lovely story about finding faith in the oddest places, and get inspired to turn everyday moments into celebrations. Find info on our next webinar for families and read our review about a binge-worthy TV series. Enjoy!

News for the Journey Home
In our last issue of The Journey, Pam Blanton offered her insights into piecing together the benefits puzzle. She mentioned the website www.AffordableHousingOnline.com as a great free resource for families looking to secure a Section 8 voucher. In this issue, we're following up with some inside tips to help you explore the Affordable Housing Online website and get your Loved One’s name on that all-important Section 8 waitlist.
Partners4Housing is growing! Jamie Martin recently joined us as our Solutions Coordinator. She’s taken on the important role of working directly with families as they move along their journey toward a resilient housing solution for their Loved Ones.
The journey toward home for your Loved One is challenging. Navigating the social service silos, finding suitable housing, choosing roommates and parent partners, hiring the right caregivers – it can be daunting. That’s why we offer these free webinars, to help you begin to make sense of it all.
Family Voices
Sometimes a faith community is found in the most unlikely places. Kristin Jarvis Adams, author of The Chicken Who Saved Us: The Remarkable Story of Andrew and Frightful, shares a powerful story about her son's journey toward faith.
Understanding Medicaid waiver assessment in your state -- some great advice from a mom who's been there. We recently talked with Sheree Maxwell, mom to Conor, who graciously shared her experience with their recent state assessment.
When speaking with mixed media artist Brette Flora, one thing becomes abundantly clear: She has a firm understanding of what art means to her, and why it’s so important in her life. You'll fall in love with her artwork, and her outlook on life and creativity.
Living, Inspired, with I/DD
“Can you imagine life without a friend? I can, because Best Buddies was not available in Indiana when I was in school. I had a supportive family but I missed having someone in school to say ‘hi’ to in the halls, to sit with at lunch, to talk to about my day, and to make plans with for social activities.”
According to Jenny Rosenstrach, author of the cookbook How to Celebrate Everything: Recipes and Rituals for Birthdays, Holidays, Family Dinners, and Every Day in Between, our moments of celebration are more than just good memories; they can turn into rituals that help us bond as family units.
The reviews are pouring in for As We See It, an Amazon Original series about three twenty-something roommates on the autism spectrum that launched this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, be prepared to binge all eight episodes of Season 1. And bring the Kleenex.
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