Welcome to The Journey
A news magazine created to connect, inform & inspire
Volume 1 / Issue 1, Fall 2021
Welcome to The Journey

Sometimes the best connections come in story form -- from families and clients, from people working in the field of housing for adults with I/DD, and from experts who guide us along the way. That's why we created this quarterly news magazine, to help tell those stories in ways that inspire, inform, and ultimately connect us all a bit more deeply.

In this issue ...

We introduce you to an affordable housing resource site, share a story about the best fried chicken ever, and celebrate a new partnership in New York City. You'll hear from a mom about her experience on the path toward shared living, learn how yoga helps develop a mind/body connection, and why breaking bread together is so important to a fulfilling life. We'll also share information about two beautiful films screened during this summer's ReelAbilities Film Festival in NYC, and talk about the value of inclusive volunteerism. Enjoy!

News for the Journey Home
AffordableHousingOnline.com has become an important tool to help families of adults with I/DD find affordable housing options.
Family Voices
My son’s superpower is his ability to become an expert on any subject he takes a special interest in. After performing his first cooking demonstration in the first grade, he dreamed of becoming a chef. Now 25 years old, Andrew—a young man with autism—works part-time as a prep chef in a commercial catering kitchen. And makes some absolutely killer fried chicken for friends and family.
Living, Inspired, with I/DD
Cooking and sharing food is a true joy, one of the absolute blessings of being human. When we can make meal planning, preparation, and eating a shared experience, we create something much greater than a good meal.
The ancient practice of yoga has long been known to help people relax, loosen up, and become stronger and more flexible. Yet until recently, there hasn’t been a lot of research around yoga and its benefits for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities often make magnificent and passionate volunteers, sharing their skills, time, and talents in their communities.
The ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York is known for its wide-ranging film selections promoting awareness of people with disabilities. Two of the remarkable movies that were screened this past summer included CODA and Not Going Quietly. Now you can watch them at home.
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